Tuesday, December 19, 2006

50 Merdeka


TokKu- “Four hundred and Fifty years of Enslavement and Fifty years of independence” or “ 450 tahun dijajah (1511-1957) dan 50 tahun merdeka ( 1957-2007)” . The word “MERDEKA” is related to slavery – to free the slave is “untuk merdeheka hamba abdi”. Since it is not Arabic (istiqhlal) or English (Independence), perhaps it was of Sanskrit (e.g mentera, mendeka etc. ???) However, this word alien to Malaya before 1957. You can listen to the old folk in the Malayan Film Units pronouncing it “mengdeka or mendeka …or merdeheka”….and among the children, who were so happy to get the free cinema tickets, they shouted mentega (butter) …not to make fun of it but that’s the nearest words they knew ( butter). Those from East Coast pronounced it with a slight twist as Man Deko – referring Mat Deraman Bin Umor whose hand is slightly bent and legs slightly limping ( Deko) after his unfortunate accident on his old Honda Cub 50 trying to cross the wooden kampong bridge. Perhaps, some may have the spirit of Hang Jebat and pronounce it as “menderhaka.” That was true during the colonial days that we had menderhaka to the British in order to get our Merdeka. At least, we know that Malaysia was derived from Malay Asia – used long ago by the British, and Japanese. Why Malaysia is pronounced with a silent “H”or “Y” ( ME-LEY- SYIA) . And not as it is spelt MA- LAI- SEE-A. Perhaps, it sound more Anglicized or on the other hand, if pronounced in the original spelt version in Chinese dialect, it means different thing.

Ghana had achieved her independence in the same year . But being on the street of Accra , it is felt 25 years behind Malaysia. Or would we like to be in the streets of Palestine which is not so pristine. Or in the city Baghdad which is far away from our dad in the US or in the mountains of Kabul so that we can get of a car and have a ball (car-ball)with the students there. At least , we have this Malaysia – like it or not . The residual of the vision 2020 may require a concave or convex glass, or a contact lense or the simple eye muscle surgery. Unfortunately , those with cataract will have to be operated and replaced it with a hard convex . One can be constructively critical of the progress so far ( muhasabah) but when we look at ourself , our children and our grandchildren , they are alright now. The grass is always greener on the other side but nowadays , it can be a plastic artificial turf grass which is good for playing hockey but not for the cow to graze unless it is given a brown sunglass. So far so good…But qua sera ,sera…..for the next 50 years of Malaysian Independence ( 2056) with globalization which reduce the independence into more dependency , global warming from Green House Gas of the Kotor Convention which is not rectified by the mighty US, the planet carrying capacity is stretched to the brim, and increasing moral decay which the West call it progress ( frog rest) . Let the jalur gemilang remain with the 14 red and white stripes and not added to become 50 stripes with the moon eclipsed .


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