Friday, April 07, 2006

Caring for the Corals

TokKu-It is not only the man in Trengganu who destroys the corals. The action of other men elsewhere in the world on the environment which upset the weather and marine ecology did more damage to the corals. If the sea temperature were to increase or decrease, the coral will “demang panas” or “demang selsema” which eventually also destroy them. The warm stream El Nino and La Nina do affect the corals in large volume. If there are lots of nutrients in the area, the algae will grow and invade the area to expel the coral. The change in the salinity of the sea water will also upset the coral. There is the brackish water fish but no brackish water coral. Therefore, those whose indiscriminate actions affect the weather, the climate and the salinity of the sea are largely responsible for the coral destruction as well. Undeniably, the Trengganu man may destroy some, but not that much as others. It is suggested that the tourist should use transparent bottom boat to see the beautiful corals. The boat should have a big flat bottom since the passenger don’t sit down but lie down in the snorkeling position (meniarap) In addition, put some wild tiger shark which has been genetically modified to specialize in eating family jewels and big bosoms in the area to prevent unauthorized diving, snorkeling or scuba-ing

One of the expensive fish in Sabah is the sea chicken fish (ayam laut). It is different from the Trengganu ayang laut @ Ikan Jebong - some may call it as James Bond fish (as in Ikang Mata Besor that was renamed Ikang Uji Rashid). Why is it so expensive? This fish lives among the corals and it is difficult to catch them. You have to catch one by one with line and hook and most of the time your hook will get stuck among the corals. Therefore, one has to be a good hooker to catch lots of them. That’s why its price is subjected to the law of supply and demand. The next time try to order for the sea chicken fish and it will definitely have to taste very nice since it costs RM 200 per kilogramme. If not, stick with cheaper Trengganu ikang ayang lauk ( jebong) and imagine that it is Sabah “Ikan Ayam Laut”

The modern accessories are very sophisticated. Like the oxygen tank, breathing apparatus, snorkel mask etc are part of the accessories. The flipper is rightly called “kaki itek.” which helped to accelerate the movement in the water. For catching fish, there are the underwater sonar sounding, close circuit cameras etc. that can detect the fish. On the other hand, the traditional fishing method in Trengganu was more interesting and we should appreciate them since without them, there were no ikang aya or ikang tambang sisik or beluru, no kepok lekor, no kepok keping and no budu for Trengganu. Besides the fishing boat and the net (perahu payang and pukat tangkul, tarik, bubu, hanyut, etc), the key personnel in the fishing industry then was the “diving specialist” @ juru selam. They were able to stay for a long time under water and listen for large shoal of fish. They can differentiate the different fish that produce different sounds. They memorized the sea location in their mind to assist in the navigation. Some believed that the juru selam made friend with the sea “Befrienders” – penunggu laut @hantu laut @ Jin laut whom they contact to know where they are lots of fish. The presence of the animistic belief in the olden days had led to the festivals like the “Main Pantai” (playing with the beach or if spelt wrongly, it means playing with the bitch), semoh kepala kuba and Buang Ancok (to play with the toy boat except it does not need any screws). Note that the word ancak in Brunei means a very vulgar sex action. The juru selam dived down the sea and stay there for some time to listen to the fishes. The hearing of the juru selam may be a bit difficult on land since I remember that my grandfather was real “rhinoceros deaf”. I like to play with the “ peti @ kotok kelauk”– some sort of fisherman’s brief case / wooden tool box slung across with a string across their shoulder ( like the make up begs slung by air hostess). In this peti/kotok were placed the fishing accessories as well as the rokok daun and tembakau kayar and in one secret compartment is the money earned for the fishing trip. Their special skill as diving specialist will earn him higher percentage share as compared to the Jeragang (skipper) or the Awak Awak (the crew) but not as much as the Tuang Perahu (boat owner) who has the controlling interest of the fishing enterprise. Sometimes, the fish caught were sold to the boat owner at below the par value even though the market price is definitely much higher. Even though the juruselam and other were able to catch big fish but the amount they earn is only as a small fish or even as a finglings.

The beach attire is some thing to be discussed. On a Nudist Beach, any one wearing any small piece of clothing is considered as very indecent since everyone is in their birthday suits. The picture of the lady wearing the flipper was scantily clad in two- piece bikini where the rubber flipper at her foot is definitely bigger than their tops and the goggles on her forehead are larger than the g-string. She was actually admiring the big long tube of the snorkel next to her cheeks with wild imaginations !. In Copa Cabaña or Ipinama beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the girls don’t wear bikinis but they wear dental floss. It is nice to see them play beach volley balls, as there are 12 pairs big round things that one can admire. However, in Malaysia, there should be beach attire etiquette where the bikini should be partly covered with light batik kemban. Of course, it cannot be worn to the Parliament as the alternative Malaysian dress!! In the private beaches, one can dressed like bitches but in public beaches, one have to conform to some decency – perlu ada ketatasusilaan bukan nya ketunasusilaan. It s rather odd for very pious Malaysian men who seldom see the exposed white thigh and bulging barest breast since it will cause the Embarrassing 21 Gun Salute at the Battle of the Bulge even though wearing Bermuda short. The Tua man likes to wear Bermuda short to feel young – at least that’s in the Bermuda short is always young. On the other hand, the traditional attire in Papua New Guinea, namely the Long Sheath made of dried gourd is more suitable since it can conceal its size and the positions (up or down). That’s precisely why I don’t like to be in the swimming pool where there are lots of people swimming since my imagination will always go wild. I always imagine - there are those who took bath once a week, those who don’t cebuk, those who have not completely end the monthly period, those with kudis and skin diseases, those with VDs, and even those who don’t bother to go to the toilet to piss, and the pool water become cloudy (keroh) and on diving in, you swallow some of this swimming pool water. Of course, it tastes a bit more saltish with those additional ingredients………


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