Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tongue and Taste

TokKu- It’s difficult to describe the “pedo” taste. When the sambal nasi lemak is well cooked, you have the perfect sambal taste. However, if the “tumissing” is not well done where the cili boh is not well cooked, then your tumis will taste a bit off -hot but not that perfect sambal hotness. That is not the pedas taste but “pedo” taste, namely, the wrong kind of pedas. The same thing may happen to asam pedas. If the tumis “belum naik minyak”, the final dish may not taste nice because it is the “masak asam pedo”. Worse still, if there is more water and insufficient salt in the dish, it is not only pedo but also lecah and ceghoh. May be Chef One can explained how the cooking have gone wrong. As for maung taste, only those staying in Batu Maung, Penang will know the actual taste. One can imagine the rock in that place taste very maung. If you accidentally eat the black ants in the unripe green rambutan, then you will get the full taste of maung. However, the Muang Thai is different from maung taste which can be tried in Patpong in Bangkok.

When you are suffering or recovering from high fever - the high body temperature may burn all your taste buds. Everything tastes bitter. No wonder the sick person is always bitter and cranky and many wish that they get better soon. The bitter taste buds are enhanced by the consumption of lots of bitter pill. That’s why many resort to the technique of swallowing the bitter pills on the rock and don’t put on the tongue to be washed down with water. That’s the case of not “makan ubat” but “telan ubat”. However, once the bitter taste is gone, then you come to the stage of kemaruk - very hefty appetite to eat a lot to compensate for one week of bubur nasi or no food at all.

A person metaphorically has “Taste” if he likes beautiful,classy,pricy expensive things. Some say it is taste that makes one sophisticated. Others argue that it is money that creates taste – with money one can acquire taste. Without money, everything will taste pedo, lecah and tawo heber. Aesthetic vs. economic? If there is economoney (ekau no money), one will be anesthetic. If one have lots of money and have no taste, there are lots of others who can help to spend it – wives, mistresses, children and friends who will help to squander it and find the entire classy, tasteful thing to buy. It needs special taste to enjoy Picasso or it also needs money to buy one. In addition, one can use the company fat accounts to buy Ferdinand Boteros though.

The tongue is a very unique organ and can be very instrumental even for love making. That’s the exotic techniques is not taught in Kamasutra (the Harvard School of lovemaking) which was more preoccupied with strategic positioning. The rouge surface of the tongue and quick movement may transmit the special feeling to the recipient. That’s what is meant by the Australian kiss. This may be practiced more in the hedonistic Western society which gives high priority to satisfying one self. It even occurred in the England Middle Age when King Arthur sent all his knights to war except for Sir Lancelot. To protect the knight wives from extramarital co-curriculum, there were strapped with chastity belts and the beautiful ones were equipped with additional accessories - guillotine. When King Arthur knew about the lecherous activities of Sir Lancelot, he was summoned to the palace. When questioned as to his involvement in seducing all the beautiful ladies, Sir Lancelot just shakes his head and was completely speechless.

On the other hand, there are the exotic French kiss which involved intricate inter tongue twirling and sucking. That’s how the expression “tongue tied” may originate. The tongues are so tied up making them speechless. In Malay, when one goes for soup lidah, it may means that on will actually get the ox tongue soup instead of the ox tail consommé. To the younger generation, tongue soup means French kiss and they love to have “soup lidah” on their dates. I suppose the Australian kiss is known as sup kerang – the clam chowder. However, when lovers quarrel they resort to serious tongue stabbing (bertikam lidah) as opposed to stabbing other things when they are in intimate situation. If I am not mistaken, the fatwa by Sheikh Qardawi stated that it is permissible between legally married husband wife to do so to please one another. That reminds me of the younger days when reading the Juzu Amma there is a diagram of the tongue and you cannot jelir to it ,if not it will cut your tongue. It is actually the diagram of the mouth and tongue all right. But it is a chart to pronounce the Arabic alphabet (makraj) and not the instrument for cutting the tongue. But the thick Melayu accent acquired from eating lots of belacan cannot imitate the Arab makraj or the Queen’s English pronunciation. We have to be satisfied with the present Manglish or Malarab pronunciation.


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