Friday, March 17, 2006

Luga Hoki vs Hockey League

TokKu – Luga and loya can also be described as that uneasy and funny feeling felt by those who dislike my long comments. Some may get luga and loya reading it and can just skip it. Hope that PokKu don’t get luga and loya and I’ll carry on as a GUBLOG (GUest BLOG). What a goblok I am!! Luga is also the gut feeling of not eating rice. It is as though you have not eaten anything at all. That’s how Malaysian student who goes abroad and live eat potatoes and bread only- until they found the Oriental or Paki shop that sells belacan and Maggie mee. It is not only physically hungry but psychologically hungry too. On the other hand, when you eat sweet things (manis letin) with empty stomach – followed a pang of pain in the stomach that poke your heart’s corner (tikam sudut hati). One may need to look for the toilet urgently before splattering in all directions. This is different from eating hot stuff – like sambal ikan bilis nasi lemak which give the stomach ache of gastric feelings. Obviously, all the hot chilies were in active chemical reaction with the intestinal lines. If left unattended, it may lead to ulcers which start as stabbing pain in the stomach and during the expulsion down below. This feeling is well described in the minute details by Shanon Ahmad in his infamous thick novel – SHIT. Be careful, it may even lead to piles or even colon cancer. That’s the fatal attraction of the hot stuff like sambal or lemak chili api or asam pedas to the gastric sufferers... It is like suffering from food poisoning – uneasy, painful with active bacteria multiplying. That’s what one term as the pain in the Ar____. So, luga can also be described as the twirling feeling in the stomach. When it is pushed to the throat, it become loya (pronounced as lawyer) – the feeling of throwing up or vomit. Loya also occurs at the early stage of pregnancy when the body chemistry is trying to adjust to early developing fetus. This form of luga or loya is not the case of eating the wrong food. But it is the case of the intake of the right protein which leads to luga in the stomach and loya in the throat. This is the sickness what the traditional Malays termed as “penyakit orang buat”.
Once upon a time, hockey was the only Olympic game that Malaysia used to excel – one of the top seven nations of the Hockey world. Malaysia once played against Holland in the quarter final in the World Cup on the CEB hockey field at Bangsar. Malaysia should put more efforts in the sporting events where Malaysia is of standing. Don’t put resources and efforts in promoting the Japanese Sumo wrestling. Or in other sports like football where we came behind Vietnam. And now hockey is fast following football – we are at the Nigerian’s behind. Many will agree that it will not be long when Malaysia will even loose to South Korea in sepak takraw. The Korean will excel in sepak takraw if they apply the Samul Undung spirit to sports as they have done to Samsung electronic goods. Badminton is bad and may not turn to Malaysia favour in future. Malaysia hockey for man had become the sport of the village champions ( jaguh kampung ) as once called to badminton. Malaysia Boleh - in this case it is Malaysia Boleh Kalah !!
Lots of rules in the hockey games have changed. The throw in is replaced by the hit in, the short corner is renamed penalty corner need not be too stopped by the hand. The swing and back stick rules are different. This is to speed the game instead of always giving the advantage by the referees. The hockey stick is also different. The curl at the end of the stick is smaller – more like jambu golok seeds. Remember the famous teka teki : buah apa , biji nya diluar .Besides, jambu golok which is single seeded, there is another buah which is double seeded…...guess what?) Last time , the hockey stick was like the sabit rumput shape. Now, the goal keeper is well dressed up – in fact overdressed. The face mask, the breast pad, the leg/shin guard, and the big hand gloves and of course the unforgettable vital accessories the B - Guard ( B for Balls) .. This guard is neccesary to prevent the hockey ball from joining with the goalkeeper’s balls. Or to prevent the attacker’s hockey sticks from joining the goalkeeper’s stick. As for the ladies , they also wear this guard which should called the V – Guard (V for ?) In the past, it was the goalkeeper who was scared of the opponent’s penalty corner swing, balls and sticks . Nowadays, the goalkeepers are clad in Japanese Shogun warrior armory and it is the attackers who are scared of the goalkeeper- who can swing / slam the hockey stick, slap with his big gloves and head on collision with his helmet and faced guard. The body plus head on collusion will do much damage to the forward line of the other team. As to the names, the Malay/Muslim ( male or female ) without the family name or surname will have problem in oral or written form. So, the father’s name is assumed as the surname and one is called by that name irrespective of the sex. Cik Fatimah binti Jantan will be addressed as Miss Jantan even though she is a perempuan. When traveling abroad, one is very apprehensive to put the family name in the immigration card since it come with a Bin. Mr. Ahmad Wok Lodin will have the surname of Bin Wok Lodin which may be mistaken for Bin Ladin. As to the given names or Christian names, they are also apprehensive to put the Arab name – like Osama, Aiman, which may attract the Immigration , Customs and even the Quarantine – who looked at you as a plant !! As to the hockey team , they should stick to the name at the back of the jersey – if not, they should be given a name tack as a common practice in Malaysia and the commentator


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