Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The C words..cattok,cokkeng,etc.

Tok Ku – This is a very late response to your call to elaborate on your range of Trengganuspeak C’s words…….. better late than never and it is now or never. The word “cekek” and “cokek” refer to the action by the fingers /hand. Cekek pronounced with sabdu in Trengganuspeak (ce’kek) is to strangle and tercekek is equivalent to being “choked”. Cokek is to poke with your index fingers on to a friend’s stomach so as to induce spontaneous uncontrollable verbal diarrhea (melatah). Cekok (cekak) is to hold a handful – e.g. cekok rambut is to hold a “handful” of hair to be tied into pony tail. Traditionally, it is done by females but nowadays, this unique skill has been acquired by men with long hair. Vegetables were once sold in this measure – se cekok pucuk paku, se cekok pucuk ubi kayu. Cekok pinggang is an action of putting both hands on the hip when one acts bossily or angry. When the “fox choke your neck”, it is not that you’re being attacked and strangle by the fox. It is more of a foxy fashion neck collar “ cekok musang“ - hard high collar version of baju melayu as compared top the soft version leher penyu ( turtle neck). On the other hand, some one may “cekok” your neck because he is “mussang” type. Mussang here means hot tempered /short fused and definitely not foxy, itchified or lecherous type. Cakkong (changkong) is to squat like the ngokrong position. A good example is the recent “naked squatting” in the police station (cakong telanjang bulat). When she cakong (doing the ketuk ketampi), there are many “bulat” and “cattok” things moving too which tempted one policeman to take the video shot. Of course, there are many other hand-related actions by man/woman which may not be appropriately discussed here (censored)
Cokeng is not the process of making coal or mixing the coca cola drink with the secret recipe. But it often refers to elongated object that is elevated from the drooping position to an upright angle and stays there. The angle of the lift (degree of cokeng) can be referred to the vertical clock face, i.e., it goes from 6 o’clock position not only to 3 o’clock but up to 1 o’clock. In medical check up procedure, this angle of elevation is important in determining whether one is impotent. Cekoh (cekah) is the action of gripping with your fingers in attempting to open up things. You can cekoh durian – pressing down and hard on the durian apartments (pangsa). So, cekoh durian and kopek durian are similar. But when one tries to “cekoh kopek”, it is a different action on different object with different intention altogether. When doing it, it is to cekoh but when it is readily in the opened up position as a result of sitting posture, it becomes cekkeh (cengkeh) due to the shape of things. So , the Malay girls/women are advised to sit properly so that it won’t result in the cekkeh position. Therefore, never make the mistake of saying the wrong thing at the wrong person at the wrong time such as to “cekok kopek” or to “cekok cekkeh”! . If not, it may lead to someone to cekoh bedil (to cock the gun) to shoot you instead of just cekok your collar or cekkek your neck.

Besides “cattok”, there are many adjectives to describe the shape and stage of the female bosom . Cotek is in very small shape and at the initial female puberty stage. Before the cotek, it is very flat and termed as leper macam papan or termed sophisticatedly as the aircraft carrier. At this stage, one can still can use the traditional kampong bra ( female singlet ) which is worn by the young ones ( initially no assets) as well as by the old ones ( depleting assets). Some may try to make this mole into a hill by using lots of padding in the bra. But to some, “small is beautiful” – remember the model Twiggy? The traditional Japanese culture believed that “flat is beautiful’. So , the geishas wrapped it up in yards of kimono cloth to flatten them. However, the Japanese culture and taste are changing now as shown in the unwrapped Japanese models with big Fujiyama Mountains. The degree of “cattok” usually increased with maturity . With the ripe age plus the genetic inheritance, it will slowly increase even to the level of bursting out i.e. Dolly Patton type. The mid valley region ( cleavage) can be very appealing to men. In the Middle Ages , it was deliberately made to pop out of the corset like balloons. In the KL Mid Valley Shopping Complex, the men will have a good time window shopping those mid valleys of those wearing low neckline. So , it is not right to say only women like to window shop at Mid Valley – men also window shop at those mid valleys there. By the way , if one is planning to establish a breast lifting plastic surgery clinic, the advertisement should read as “ Kecattokan Payudara adalah Kecantikan Wanita”. The near cousin word is “macung” ( mancung) but it refers to the nose ( hidung macung) or teeth ( gigi macung @ jongang). There are those with initially small assets or those with the depleting assets who frequent the beauty saloon / health clinics to get the breast massage to enhance its size and firmness. But the actual idiom to “massage the breast” (urut dada) means “to calm one self down”. When one is excited or scared , the heartbeat will increase and to reduce it to 120/80 , one may physically “urut dada” . Furthermore, “mengurut dada” means differently from “mengurat duda” especially the ones with titles, money and looks - even though they are in the late 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s.


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