Monday, February 06, 2006

Instant Delay

TokKu – What’s the hurry? Sooner or later, Derumo will definitely comment. Wat’s the hari? Today is Monday, unless you’re on the International Date Line. I remember a teacher who explained the concept of International Date Line. You can jump from one side to the other of the dateline in the Pacific Ocean to perform the Monday–Tuesday dance. So, there is no hurry as in the proverb – “slow and steady, you will win the race” as in the case of the turtle and the rabbit. However, as the same teacher warned that if you are too slow, you won’t make it!!
We always want something instant. That’s how we get the instant noodles – Maggie Mee “Cepat dimasak sedap dimakan”. We perform some good or bad deeds want to see the result immediately, momentarily, instantly. From the religious point of view, we have to wait for the Hereafter. Well, it is some sort of insurance or futures trading. If there is the Hereafter, those who took this insurance or futures options (doing good religious deeds) will get the endowment or payment then. Even if there is no such things as hereafter as the agnostic atheist believed, one still had lead a good and calm life in the world. On the other hand, those who don’t subscribe to this Hereafter insurance premium or commodity or currency futures trading, they will be in deep shit if there is the Hereafter.
What other instant things? Instant girlfriend – look for social escorts agencies. Instant wife – there is an old age profession in this field. But it had become more sophisticated nowadays. And of course, one can get instant VD's, CD's, DVD’s or AIDS and however, not an instant death but a prolonged suffering physically and mentally. Many younger generations are also doing the instant marriage followed by instant divorce. They take the holy matrimony as on trial basis – till the end of honeymoon, we do part after the parents spend thousands of Ringgits for the whole ceremony at the top 5 Star hotel. The philosophy is when one faces a problem, run away immediately. Corollary, when one feel the itch, it should be scratched immediately for instant gratification. That seems to be the philosophy of many easy going new generations. If the ears are itching, there is the ear digger or the cotton buds. If you back is itchy which is unscratchable, you can ask other to scratch your back. There is the Malay belief that if your palm is itchy , there is some money coming your way . However, in the modern days, they pour heavy grease on the itching palm – thus, the term greasing the palm and everything moves smoothly. One feel very disappointed , if some one scratch your un-itchy car since you have to pay a lot to repaint it. And of course, the famous Japanese lady spies in Malaya before the Second World War, Miss Itchybawah to whom many Malayan were patronizing then. Those with itchy tongue may be slashed verbally but the latest trend was many get slashed “parangly”. Even the youngsters nowadays like to scratch – they buy the prepaid and scratch for the code number. The “scratch and win” is an instant lottery which replaced the old “tikam“ small gambling and most of the time is “tikam and loose” . However, if your eyes is itchy , don’t twitch it in front of other ladies or you‘ll be accused of “mengorat” them in the old fashion way.
The old philosophy is to “cari makan”,that is, to earn first, save some and then consume. On the other hand, there is the widespread philosophy of “makan gaji”. You “makan” (consume) first and then get you “gaji”(wages/salary) to pay them with nothing left to save. It is the concept of living on credit and bank’s OD. However, in this new plastic card age– we are encouraged to consume on credit. The rafting upstream so that one can row downstream easily with the tide seems not applicable anymore. There is always walletful of “credit cards” available and before the bank bring you to the “credit courts” which declare you independent of all the assets. Those who go to Chettiar or Along will have to bear along a higher risk. Sometimes , the along’s bouncer will bounce the insolvent borrower like a basket ball. Another form of credit are things bought on hire purchase. On paying the down payment, the car is hired until the down payment fully utilized. After that come the “chase” by the “kereta tarik” who will not leave you even though you try to belanja them “teh tarik “. Don’t be surprise that they will take you car and leave you in the panas terik ( hot sun). Kereta tarik, the tarik and panas terik are all bad for you and so , don’t play ,and play with them.


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