Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Damned & Marked

Tok Ku – It was a case of delayed action. This issue was on since September 30, 2005. (Jylland Posten may be inspired by the anniversary of the second week of the month of September). The reaction was only month’s later and some countries were fast to reprint the cartoons (including local newspaper, i.e., Syllawaland Posten ) . However, the issue was “something rotten” which earlier wrapped in the Danish butter croissant by the “French kisser” or embedded in the smelly Danish cheese as verified by the “Australian Kisser”. Malaysia was then in the festive holiday mood concentrating on the heavy traffic jams on the highways. The khatib did not take up in the khutbah since the text was prepared weeks earlier and the sermon cannot be delivered impromptu. The Danish were also celebrating the national orgy on this issue then which can be seen in the danish pornos where they also wish one another “Kongsi F.…k Joy”.
The Vikings ancestors have two horns. Perhaps, they were depicting the human version of the upright walking creature with two horns. So, what can we expect from the two horns? Naturally, they should behave in that way and if not, we should be surprised. The two horned creature was “damned” and “marked” until the Hereafter and that’s how the name of the country is derived – the country of the Damned and Marked i.e. Damn-mark. So, the moral of the story is that we don’t imitate or behave like the two horned creature or think like a Jylland Posten cartoon editor, Mr. Donald Dane. He apologized for hurting the feeling but defended his freedom to print it. That’s double talk which may sound like an apology but actually it was more of a double insult. The only thing, the Damn Mark people know on good Press Release is in their porno film where they pressed and then they released coitus interruptusly. They are very good, very professional and the world’s best in porno film production besides in drawing caricatures.
This issue is escalating. This Damn Mark newspaper had rejected or censored the publication of the Christ cartoons showed their true spirit of Press Freedom The Iran newspaper, Hamshari, is having a contest to depict the Holocaust as to how the European treats the Jews.. Human being will have full of initiatives and creativity indeed in inciting and reacting hatred and anger. (This comment itself is a good example !! ) So, it should be treated with extreme care. Damn-Mark was among the liberal countries which practiced very liberally the freedom to press each other. You said it correctly “ Think for a moment that the cartoonists live in a very "liberal" country. They might not know who their father is and there is no one to tell them what good taste is.” Let’s keep religion as the ideology of peace and not to be downgraded to the level of Damn - Mark’s press freedom ideology of piss.


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