Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Finding Places

TokKu – It is always the case when you try to find the place, it is difficult to locate it. You will find all the other roads except the one you’re looking for. It is worse during the night – when it is all dark. Sometimes, you feel like giving up and suddenly on the way back, EURIKA, you found it. What is worse is if your navigator is your wife. She may not be so the reliable and you become an alligator – very angry and “libas sana libas sini’. The Malaysian / KL road map should be in details or digitized so that we can identify the streets and the exact house. Malaysia is very poor in road signage. It is placed at the most unstrategic place, i.e., at the junction itself and by the time you see it, you have passed the junction. The navigator or driver should have a good orientation, orienteering ability and map reading. The fault with some navigator (wife) is that she look horizontally from the ground and very dependent on the road sign and landmarks. We should be looking from the top - imagine we are hovering around the area on a helicopter. If not, you finally end quarrelling with your navigator, buy burger at the side stall ( missed your kenduri nasi beriyani gam ), sour face on the way home and if it is on the Friday night, missed the night too!!

Sometimes, you wonder why it always happened to you especially when you are desperate to fill your petrol tank. Or at week ends when you need cash and your bank’s ATM is not functioning. Fortunately, there are the MEPS where we can draw from other ATM. Most of the time, you have to use other bank at the cost of RM 1.00 extra. So, always take the money early during the week ends. Sometimes, we take for granted that the ATM is for our convenience but the ATM usually conveniently went out of order.

The stealing from the mosque or other place of worship is a very, very bad and sinful indeed. At my mosque, when everyone were performing the Zohor prayers, a car conveniently came and collect all the shoes. Everyone was furious over the incidence and had to walk barefooted. Everyone was thinking the probability of the daylight robber strike again was very remote. But during the Asar prayers, the same car went for the second round to collect the shoes. Finally, every body was on the alert for the Maghrib – but of course, the thief was smart enough not to come again – The banana tree won’t bear fruits three times in a row.
That reminds me that a few years ago, a shoe thief was caught red handed or rather “red legged” at the Masjid Jamik KL when others were performing the Jumaat prayers. What did they do to him? They tied him to the fence of the Masjid Jamek in the hot sun and hang a pair of shoes around his neck. What a pitiful sight! Those who read The Star newspaper may recall this case. The newspaper commented that it was rather cruel and not ‘humane” to treat him in such a way – against the human right. By the way, who gave him the “human right" to do the "wrong act” to steal the shoes while others are praying? Luckily he was not bashed as in the case of some kampung where even though you hit and kill a chicken with your car, they will treat you like a chicken after that. So, it was better for them to hit and drives away ……..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Twin Ringgit

TokKu- The price of everything at the Twin Tower is of course the twin of the normal price. It is not “buy one get one free” but it is “buy one only but pay for two, definitely”. Reason – you get two towers for the price of one visit. In addition, you’re also offered the twin activities of the toilet i.e., to urinate and defecate at RM 1.00 each. Let’s look at it more positively. Whatever you’re going to deposit either liquid or solid –they have a higher value as compared to the jamban raya (di belakang semok) or jamban curah in the kampong. RM 2.00 is equivalent to the price of mineral water per bottle or per bladder. Or the cost of four lekors of “half -gentel” uncooked kerepok leko. The prices of food and drink in Twin Tower vicinity are no more at the rate of the former “Hilton Underwood”. Unfortunately, both the Hilton, Underwood and some trees are gone since they are not gazetted as heritage site. The food stalls at Hilton Underwood were selling at relatively low price since being under the trees, no overhead costs were incurred.

This area was very popular since the yesteryears. During weekends, there were lots of cars, motor bicycle, people and horses who came here. Most came to see the horse running on the track or hearing the horse running other tracks and hope to make or looses a fortune especially during those Gentingless days. It is interesting to observe their behaviour. They can be happy with the winning ticket or will be furious for losing the bet by a pony’s tail. Now there are lots of buses, cars, motorcycles, foreign workers, LRT (replacing the horse carriages) came here not to spend money. The local tourist and the foreigners, especially, Mat Salleh and Minah Saleha (Oh, Saleha as sung by Mawi), who looked up and take picture of the Twin Tower. Sometimes, being so familiar with KL and Twin Tower, they appeared to be a bit “jakun.” Every time they look up at the Twin Tower, we have the feeling that they look up at us all – the Malaysians. It is not that often that they look up at us – since most of the time we are lumped together with the other underdeveloped countries in Asia, Africa and Pacific Islands.

Instead of “tawaf” the twin tower, it is interesting if one can be “mikraj” on the Twin Towers. Many visitors are lining up to go up and walk on the double decked sky bridge. I had been on that sky bridge and I feel very gayat (serung in Tregganuspeak) and have to hold the railing when walking across it. It will be an experience to have lunch at the Petronas Club. However, don’t stay near the glass curtain. It makes you so “gayat” to the extent of spoiling your appetite – stay away from glass to enjoy your lunch. I don’t know where I get this acrophobia and the aeroacrophobia – that give you the “serung” or “gayat” feeling and make your head dizzy. If you go to the 82 floor, you have to take two lifts - mainly to cushion the effect of fast ascending into high altitude. You ear drum will be blocked and your head will be a bit dizzy and nausea. Of course, the ambiance of having a cup of Columbian coffee there is more exciting than having the coffee at the Dome. You can see the whole of KL but you missed the model girl at the Dome waitress. . And on the wall, there are beautiful paintings of red flowers. I am sure it was not painted by Fernando Botero and doesn’t cost millions. The painting of fat men and women was to symbolize the prosperity of the Columbian. I like Botero’s depiction of fat naked women in his paintings such as in the Bath, La Cama, Bedroom, La Lettre, the Nude, Mona Lisa (her fat version). If he is Malaysian, he is known as “Artis Bulat”. Botero painted the obese people and as such the price of his painting have to be obsessive. From the 82 floor, we cannot help looking at the MAS Tower with a sign “MAS Single Tower For Sale". With the petroleum price at USD 60 per barrel, Petronas is having a good time in earning the foreign exchange. Malaysian are also enjoying the subsidy which had blown up substantially to billions ( like Botero’s paintings) But how long can we stay on that 17 years oil reserve which will depleted after the year 2022. However, let’s hope that the much talked palm biodiesel should help us. We hope Malaysia to be blessed with the renewable green oil when the black oil is depleted. We hope never to ever see the sign from the real estate company which state that “Petronas Twin Tower For Sale “.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Full Moon

TokKu – You were wondering why they don’t hide other items in their orifice. Well, if Malaysia were to have strict moral laws and banned the vibrators, then many will try smuggling it into the country. However, the banned imported kretek cigarette cannot hide in there since the cloves are as hot as chilies. Remind me of the newspaper report in Malaysia where a wife and friends went to rub the cabai on her husband’s mistress’s cabai!! (spelt differently). Nevertheless, those Indonesian who are familiar with the tongkat keramat or tongkat Madura (a device to constrict the entrance and strengthened the grip of the under world) will be good courier for kretek smuggling. But, the taste of that keretek will be different. Its market niche is for the “keretek wap” substituting the famous “nasi wap”. (special steam rice). So, smokers should be aware of ladies offering the kretek cigarettes. This is a motivation for the man to stop smoking to keep your good health and your independence.

There was once a report in Hong Kong newspaper where the vibrator was substituted with the hand phone. Its vigorous vibrating silent mode has the same functionality. It was place too deep and was lodged inside and cannot be taken out. The woman have to be brought to the hospitals to remove the phone The hand phone that are smuggle from Singapore is known as underwater phone! So, this is the case of “underwear phone” and it can also be called the “wap phone” since it is being embedded in there, thus, a new meaning to the WAP hand phone!! So, be careful, if your girl friend were to give a hand phone as a present – it may be a wap hand phone.

That reminds us of a story of an Indonesia maid who went to back to Indonesia and bring along lots of cash (RM 1,000 wrapped in white cloth) and the safest place was in the natural cavity. When she reached Dumai, she was caught by the Tekong and was raped. It is double unfortunate for the poor girl – her modesty and her savings were all gone. The man gets the double happiness- release of million of his “mani” (spermatozoa) and get millions of Rupiah from the same source. She should have bank in through the Western Union or even used the widely operated hawala system by the money changers instead of hiding it in her sanitary pillow. The Customs do check thoroughly for drugs even doing the endoscopy through your anus. It reminds us reading the Malaysian newspaper papers in the mid 70s where three Malaysian were caught at the Rome airport for trying to smuggle drugs there. Well, three of them – One Malay, One Chinese and One Indian in the spirit of New Economic Policy then.

The Lock up girl was an interesting event. The “squatting” may be a standard procedure to force out anything hidden inside. But the ketuk ketampi reminds us of those days when the teacher punished the student to do it on our desk. The Western schools will put a cap written the word “dunce” on the head and you have to stand in a corner facing the wall. The Communist used this method during the Cultural Revolution. When you are caught naked by surprise, the natural tendency is for the lady to cover her breast and her pubic region. It is not only among the woman but the man too will react the same way the sarong accidentally fell down. The two hands will automatically cover the pubic region and it needs two palms to cover it the two plus one objects down there. It should NOT be done by holding the ear with crossed hands (ketuk ketampi) which have the negative school days nostalgia and derogatory implications. However, you need to place a big canvas down below. You will never know what will fall down as the magician can pull anything out of his hat. Besides the sanitary napkin ( during full moon) , other things like keretek, electric irons, amplifiers or air conditioners, hard boiled eggs, 10 scales fishes and cigarettes may drop down. As for body search for man, the searcher should be certified by the doctor /psychologist not a gay since a man will feel dirty if he were to be groped by a gay searcher.

It was not only the Tiger (Thai Girl?) Show that have that skill. I heard that in the yesteryears Malaysian Rose Chan also had that extraordinary expertise and skill. That’s the most powerful muscle in human being and can change the course of history. During the Second World War, the Japanese had the Sparrow Squad (Spy Girls from where The spice Girls derived their names) of young Japanese girls that were sent to Malaya to work in cabaret and befriend those in the military. What is their surname? – Of course, Miss Itchybawah. In France, Matahari was spying for the Nazi and Allied Forces depending who has the bigger offer for her. Julius Caesar (pronounced as Seized Her) and Mark Anthony fell down to Cleopatra knees. The historian said that if the nose of Cleopatra is a bit crooked, the history of Rome will be different... But Bill Clinton was very hard on where Monica Lewinsky had to kneel to him. As the saying goes, “the hand that shakes the man’s candle, rocks the world. “or something that sounds like that.
The full moon will affect the man in many ways. It is not only the natural full moon that affects the high tide. When the wife is on full moon, the husband will be affected especially when he is full on high tide which prompts him to be of wondering minds. Worse still when the moon eclipsed, and she will in dock and out of service for 40 days, man will go much crazier. Let’s await the next full moon and man will be turned to another Were Blogger – owwwwwuuuuuu…ooowwwuuuuu

Friday, December 16, 2005


TokKu- Creativity? - the thinking process is very lacking nowadays. It is convenient to blame the Education system. It stressed on the “record and retrieval” mental capability which limit the level of cognitive developments. The future generation may find it difficult to upgrade their cognitive ability to the of creativity and problem solving level. Remember those days when we memorize the dates of history and the names of places and people. We were ready to answer any “what “question. It was followed by the objective test - just blackened the box and score straight A’s. It facilitate the correction since it can be computerized. One of the subject taught was “living skill” (kemahiran hidup) which is similar to the vegetable gardening and wood work in the colonial days. It would be better to teach “thinking skill “as a subject as the curriculum seems not to embedded this cognitive skill in the normal subject. Nowadays, they graduated in thousands with 80,000 still unemployed. . During the job interviews, they cannot express well in Malay ( and when answering in English, it makes you wonder which part of Papua New Guinea’s Pidgin English they were talking). If given a real or hypothetical situation and problem, they are not creative enough to solve it . Reason - it was not in the text book and no multiple choice answer for them to tick !! That why there was no substitute for the ayam percik , Tok Ku. If there is an outbreak avian fever, probably the shop has to close down since they cant think of any substitute for chicken. On the other hand, I appreciate those street vendors in Petaling Street ,KL or in Pat Pong Thailand . When you buy a dress /jeans /shoes etc. they sell you the item. . And when you want the brand , they will ask you what brand you want – Levis, Gucci and Guess? They have all and that innovative and creative .
I once went to a restaurant to order my favourite laksa johor. Well, the gravy is there but the spaghetti is finished. If I still want it, I have to wait about one hour to wait for the spaghetti to be boiled. Well, what is spaghetti ? It is the ‘mee tepong” which is made into the long string with its moisture is removed. Then to serve it, you reverse the process by boiling it until it return to its original soft state. Not too long , it will be soft and brittle and not too short , the core ( heart) is not cooked. So what the alternative? The original laksa is laksa beras or laksa tepong( flour) which is done fresh in the kampung kenduri of the yesteryears. There were no dried rice vercimilli or mee kuning then. So, get some fresh mee kuning as substitute or equivalent of spaghetti. However, you have to dip it in hot water to soften it a bit and remove the preservatives. Put it in a bowl, plus all the garnishing and pour over the laksa Johor gravy.- presto , there’s your modified laksa johor. It looks better and taste better than spaghetti laksa Johor.
What happened if you were studying overseas in UK and your pregnant wife ( the cold winter increased the rate nocturnal oscillation activities ) was craving ( mengidam) for “telor penyu.” They don’t sell the telor penyu in Sainsbury or Ardy’s or open market or car boot sales – not as abundant as in Pasar Tanjung or Kedai Payang. Well, go to the oriental shop and buy the salted eggs. Boiled it into half or three quarter boiled egg. There is your modified “turtle eggs’ – jelly like and taste like the Telur Penyu except the yolk is a bit too yellow. Mentioned about jantung pisang, what to do when she crave for that too? Buy the purple or blue cabbage and celur sautee in warm water together with daun pisang to give the flavour and prepare a good sambal belancan and presto there’s your jantung pisang celur for you’re your jantung hati yang sarat mengidam. My son was “Made in England “ but assembled in Malaysia. When we went back to Trengganu and offer him the telur penyu and jantung pisang - Sorry Papa , I prefer egg banjo and coleslaw !! I was wondering why did he create so much trouble craving for that native food during his stay in the womb??
The nasi dagang is popular but many West Coast people don’t like it. Reason – lots of people here don’t take ikan tongkol . Perhaps , the name itself “ikan tongkol” is psychologically repulsive. ( But , they love tuna sandwich and it is the same bloody fish !!) So, the creative solution to the problem is to use ikan tenggiri. Psychologically , nasi dagang will be upgraded from Air Asia common class to at least the Business Class if not the First Class of MAS. The name is better, it looks whiter, taste better and the concept is classier. But don’t over do it by trying to use ikan parang – which has a lot of bones and you have lots of “kerapah “. There are old folks who like the kerapah ( ubuh kerapoh ikang banyok sikit – sedap nok isap ) - it’s free and nice to suck since it is as good as sucking other enjoyable things. The next time Tok Ku go to DELIcious, ask them to have this Nasi Dagang Trengganu Lauk Ikang Tenggiri – and named it Nasi Dagang Deli and patent it . If not the next day every body will have it on their menu with the ikan tengiri. They are not “creative” but on the other hand , they are very “imitative”
The banana leaves ( Daun Pisang) has been replaced by food grade laminated paper or plastic. The banana leave is now used mainly for decorative instead of its functional anymore. If there is no banana leaves, the plate is design like daun pisang with green colour. Perhaps , the role of daun pisang in the rural economy and their contribution to the children’s pocket money may be not known to many younger generation today. Life was hard those days and you have to get some pocket money and work with blood, sweat and tears. To cut the banana frond , you have to use a long pole which is tied with an ordinary knife at an angle. You do this ( kait daun) in the hot sun and very sweaty ( sweat). Careful with the liquid dropping from the fronds and if it goes into your eyes, tears will come out besides being very itchy. ( tears). As you pull down the leaves, it will cut frond and if it is not tied properly , the knife may fall on you (blood). When the leaves are down , you have to detach the leaves by cutting away the frond and then roll into bales. The naked frond can be made into a machine gun. Hold the knife horizontally with the left hand and hit the banana frond onto the sharp knife . It will cut the frond and shoot out as a bullet. The faster you flip and cut them , the more rapid and fast are your bullets. That the fun the boys had with the banana frond – after a hard days work. If the leaves are attacked by ulat bungkus ( larve and pupa), then you have the torn leaves that may be difficult to role and has a lower market value. One big roll ( se pemikul) will earn you 50 sen. That besides looking for empty bottles ( 3 sen) and scrap metal sell it to the peraih botol dan besi buruk . You have to get lots of that at the beginning of the year to pay for seku pan ( school fund) . Or get some pucuk paku or maman to sell at the market. Sometimes, if you are a bit clever, you get 15 Ringgit a month- the Federal Minor Scholarship . IT is a contrast of today - the younger generation can afford to lepak and spend Berpuluh Ringgit at the Starbuck from their parents pocket money .

Undeniably, there are those who are hard working. They go to shopping complex to work as part time sales person during school holiday They learn that it is not that easy to get RM 4.00 for one hour( less tan that after deducting the EPF) where you have to stand the whole day. There are those who work on part time waiter in restaurant. They are not so professional but tolerate them – they are trying to learn . Comment to them nicely – One thing I am very careful is not to be rude or insult the waiter. Or else, you will be eating or drinking their saliva. They are human too and if mistreated can sort to uncivilized. In a wedding reception at a five star hotel , there was a boy who was serving our table but he was rather slow in service. One of our itchified tongue guest commented in English that these waiters did not study hard in school and end as waiter . Then the boy replied with a cynical smile in impeccable Queen’s English ‘Sorry sir. I am doing this as part time just for experience and some pocket money. I am in the year doing mechanical engineering and will be working in my father consultant firm”” There was another incidence . Two or three waiters keep smiling and did not seem to respond to our comments or request . Later we discovered that they are Bangladesh ( not Indian) , Myanmar (not Malay ) or Mainland Chinese( not Malaysian Chinese)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Tok Ku- The jamming of the road is a common phenomenon. If there is pasar malam, kenduri or hari raya open house or even Friday prayers – the cars seems to be immune to any traffic regulations. As for civic consciousness, Malaysia still competes hard with the other underdeveloped countries in Africa or Vanuatu. The European took more than 700 years to be civilized and Malaysian history is only half of that - so we have got a long way to go and we have to follow that evolution. As to God fearing, people nowadays , irrespective of what religion, are less God fearing and are violating the religious law laws left and right in the name of freedom and liberalism. They are more Gout fearing especially those who have extra euric acid in the joints which crystallize to poke onto their nerves painfully.
The Gambut or peat soil is two types – the shallow and deep peat. If you are trapped in the deep peat, you‘re in fact in a deep shit. It is like the quick sand which swallows the people into it. Sometimes, those who parked wrongly will meet their match – the equally uncivilized people (bertemu buku dangan ruas). They reacted by spraying the black paint on the mirror / boot / hood of the shining car with the word” DON’T PARK HERE!!!” And you have to spend hundred of Ringgit to remove those paints. There are cases of the tires being punctured. I am not suggesting you do that. Perhaps if you ask Lucia, she may put a more polite Christian note on the wiper to those who parked their car in front of her house” thou shall not covet thou neighbours farking space!!”
The street hawker may not think that they are “hawk” but just peaceful dove or pigeon like peace loving peddlers simply plying their trade to make an honest living. In some wet market, you can see the illegal sellers throwing down the fruits when the municipal enforcement officers come for surprise check . Unfortunately, there no market Tonto to pre warn them. They are just doing their job enforcing the law. But such scene may be against the enforcement officer – they look so cruel and inhumane. But the law is there – and flouting the law has to be punished. If they don’t enforce the law, there are other allegations made on them – right or wrong!! The illegal hawkers will argue with the enforcement officers in a much more eloquent manner than the lawyer since they what the Malays called the “rotten lawyer” (the loyar buruk who were called to the sand bar in the Park Inn at Batu Buruk beach as opposed to the loyar betul who was called to the bar in Lincoln Inn in London. )
It does not only occur to the illegal hawkers in the pasar. But you can see the other civilized countries adopting such an approach – appealing to free the drug pushers on humanitarian ground. And for not complying with the Appeal and enforcing the laws, the act of mandatory death sentence by hanging is considered by them as “barbaric”. This is a rather strange especially when you are following and enforcing the law of the land.. I remember the Australian public was hawking with their Prime Minister Bob Hawke on the execution of Collins in Malaysia. Malaysia was kiasu to Singapore since we were called first to be termed as “barbaric” before Singapore. So we cannot blame our hawkers for acting such a way. The Australian “Hawke” is of no difference.
It reminds me of the popular mamak night stall. It doesn’t not only put the table and chairs on the road but opened for 24 hours - thus attracting the younger generation to lepak there. Once upon a time, one car decided to jump the drain in Section 14, in Petaling Jaya and killed the innocent night eater. The “on the road” mamak service was off for a while but after sometimes, the chairs and tables keep coming back but this time well equipped with the misty blower. So, the attraction of the tarik, roti canai and the cool misty blower in the mid night mamak stall on the road is more appealing than the danger of another car jumping on to your table to share the roti canai and the tarik with you in your grave. !!

Monday, December 05, 2005


Tok Ku- The evolution of the male hair styles had been interesting. From your picture, it seems your hair style remained intact since your younger days – straight back comb with a remos. Your hair is not so curly and cannot be converted to P Ramlee however much Yardley is used. Your side burn was not too long and cannot be converted to Tom Jones. Remember the days of the Beatles. That’s the time when the boys let their hair down and loose. On the other hand, the Malaysian Barber Association (MBA) had to conduct several meetings since it was not one of the model haircuts shown on the wall. It was a period of depression for the Indian Barber Association of Malaysia (IBAM) and it was as bad as when Bukit Ibam mine was closed. To maintain their skill, the barbers used to cut each other’s hair.

The Unisex Hair Saloon had become popular since the technique of grooming the Beatles hair style was similar to the grooming of woman hair. Little snippet here and there and you have to pay RM 15 as compared to only RM 5 in the normal Indian barber shop. However, the some unisex barbershop translated their services literally -unisex (pronounced as You Need Sex). In Taiwan, the barbershop offered additional sleazy. It offer lady barberess (some times one may mispronounced it as bare breast) to cut, shave and shampoo your hair. But some offer additional service and even “full complete services”. Some unisex barbershop tried to imitate that of Taiwan’s. It was very competitive and you can relax and smell the nice perfume of the barberess with the bulging bosoms in front of your nose! It was very profitable ventures since they need only some shampoo, soaps and tissue paper.

Even though you have a long hair and really need a haircut in Taiwan, hold it on until you come back to Malaysia and stop at Indian barber shop in KL. In fact, KLIA provide some barbershop at the terminal where one can have a nice shave or haircut while waiting for the delayed “Where Got System” flight? It can be called them “Golden Barber” or “Barber Asia”. I am sure this venture won’t suffer millions of Ringgit quarterly losses and you don’t need to appoint a consultant from Heathrow airport.

The memory of the Indian barber shop in your little town. (However, there are no Indian barbers in Sabah but they are mainly Chinese barbers – which also offer the ear digging service. Usually, you opted not to use that service not knowing whose ears were dug before yours.) The younger boys remembered that they have to sit on a plank placed on the hand rest of the barber chair. Then, the fluffing of white powder all over your hair followed by snip snip and you’re semi bald. We tend to recall the smell of the Indian barber cologne and the continuous conversations among the barbers in thick Tamil. What you are always waiting for is the back and neck massage after the haircut. They massage the neck, the back and as the grand finale - the ritual neck cracking. Slowly, they bend your neck to one side and without you knowing or anticipating it, craaccckkk it to the left and to the right. You feel the relieved of all the tiredness after that. If you had done a good work and your boss did not pat your back – go to the Indian barber and they will pat your back -you‘ll feel happy about it.

There are many styles of haircut – it is all shown pictorially next to the mirror in the barber shop. The short hair cut known as crew cut is associated with the soldiers or police recruit. I suppose the invention of the electric haircutting machine makes the crew cut more efficient. It takes only five minutes and what you had grown for the last six months are all gone. The “apek cut” or “Temenggong Jugah “ was once the standard fashion among the younger boys since their father always decided what hair style should they get. The barber put the coconut shell on the head and shaved all that is revealed. This fashion makes a come back lately when the hair is left a mop on the head – shaving all others. It is very easy for the barber who charged the same price for the simple cut. There was once the era of side burns –as popularized by Tom Jones (cousin of Tom Yam) and Engelbett Humpedink (Hang Jebat bin Hang Peding). The side burn goes down to the chin and even the former PM once sported this fashion coupled with bell bottom slacks and bush jacket – really look very macho then in the sixties. Those who are not so hairy will pull a thick strand of hair across the cheek to look like side burn. Then there is the Afro look hairstyle. It looks like the wasp nest (saran tebuan). The person who still maintains this hair style is the singer Arumugam of the Alleycats. They have to go to the hair saloons often and the comb has a very special long teeth.

The preoccupation with the hair style is when you reach Standard Six or Form One. Usually, it goes with a comb at your back pocket and at any given moment, you will pull out the comb and repair your hair which has just been slightly blown off by the wind. On the side pocket, there is the handkerchief with the tails end jagging out as a decoration. When a boy has this sign, it shows their adolescence stage to feel handsome especially in front of the girl’s classmates. . With the advent of the crew cuts and the tissue paper, the comb and the hanky are absolute. However, that generation of hair style lovers may now have no more hair to shape and to appreciate. What ever hair is left is silvery or whitened. Other is left with nothing and their concern is to make it smooth and reflective so that it will shine and blind your eyes.