Thursday, March 31, 2005

Anok Udang - Oh ! My Baby Prawn


Baby prawn, oh my baby prawn

It is now , it is the time now

Baby prawn, will you come down

From the palace, my love, come down

Lets us strive to sing this song

Baby prawn ,oh my baby prawn… yeaah

Lets sing to baby prawn in the swamp

It is there behind those swampy land

Baby prawn ,oh my baby prawn ..yeaah

Even my love in the palace does not call

Baby prawn ,oh my baby prawn ..yeaah

Twinkling eyes , twinkle with the song

Let us go astern, lets walk back

A step forward , three steps backwards

Baby prawn ,oh my baby prawn.. yeaahh

That’s only the guide for us to sing

REPEAT verses

Baliklah Wok - Come Home My Beloved Child

( translated from Trengganu Folk sajak by PokKu –“ Baliklah Wok”


Weeping for you, who hasn’t been home
For I beg you , my beloved child
As your wondering days are over
As the days of your laughter had gone by

If we’re far apart, I want you to be near me
If you’re near me, I want you to be by my side
If you ‘re by my side, I want you to be wedged to me
So that we won’t be wobbled apart anymore

Her deep stare travels far beyond
As if calling for her sweet child
Her heart is twisted and blunted
As her tears fall heavily, flooding the floor
Wishing her child to rush home from Kuala Lumpur
So as to be there, in front of her eyes

You were once very mischievous, my child
Now I realize, there’s deep silence around me
Up to now, I still keep wondering
I wait for you to be back home for raya
I wait for you to be finesse, not trashy
I pray for you to be sweet, not bitter
I pray for you to be composed, not apprehensive
I have slashed the bushes to clear the path for you
Fearing that you may be stung by the bees and run tumbling away

I long to see you, my dear child
I cant bear to wait anymore
I want to grapple your fingers, my beloved
This raya, could I call on you
I will not holler on you, not to gurgle you
I don’t ask for luxurious car, nor for a chunk of gold
I know you eat burger and hotdog now
Not as before, jering and hard doughnut you adore
Now, I will call you again
Come back my child, come home

Even my broken heart has not been mended
I will still accept you, my dear
Your fault is merely like the colliding of rubber seeds
It’s my fault for boiling tapioca, but not the yam
It’s the doing of your siblings, you felt slighted
Come home for coming raya, my beloved child
I feel very lonely and melancholy
Your dad passed away, without saying good bye
I want to chuckle but there’s nothing that tickles
Not to be with you this raya, no where for me to go

Come back my beloved child
All my beloved children

If you think of where you come from
If you recall who bring you up to now
If you recollect who looked after you when you were little
If you bring to mind who taught you to read and write

This coming raya, you should be home
This coming raya, you should boil water in the kitchen
This coming raya, you should kiss your old folks hands
This coming raya, you ask forgiveness from me, your mother
This coming raya, I have no intention to hurt you

Raya is gathering for family, it’s your best gift to me
The most beautiful gift, the biggest hamper ever given
For this raya, my children, you’re the utmost I hope for
For we e are family; we are all related in a family.

( Poem transliterated by Derumo, Kampung Jerongok Batu , Gong Puing, Hilir Trengganu )